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Leaf Miner

Last year my spinach crop was mostly decimated by the time I figured out that it wasn't blight but a creature that was harming it. But once you know what to look for, the signs of leaf miner are obvious and unmistakable.

Leaf miner can refer to a bunch of different creatures that behave similarly: they lay their eggs on leaves, and when the eggs hatch the larvae (little worms) eat a path through the leaf, munching between the layers until they are ready to drop out into the ground to turn into moths or flies and start all over again. The ones eating my spinach are most likely (drum roll)... spinach leaf miner, which also like beets and chard.

Leaf miners aren't a big deal once a plant is established, if you don't mind a few blemishes (and the memory of a gross larva) in your greens. But when plants are young, they can decimate the crop of a small home garden. 

Now I know better than to let them get out of control. I keep them in check by rubbing the eggs off the leaves befo…

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